Sum up…

Although the residency is over, I’m still working on both of the animations. Here’s a sample of where the work is at. I’ll continue to update on this site as CFAT has been so nice to allow me to continue to use their equipement due to the demise of my laptop.

Thank you to everyone that came out for the talk! What a great crowd! And obviously a big thank you to CFAT and Dalhousie Gallery for all their help!!

Sisyphean Passage

Untitled (at this time…)

Artist Talk tonight at Dalhousie Art Gallery 7PM

Electronics artist in residence Michael McCormack and myself are going to blah blah blah about our work and the CFAT Residencies we just completed. I’ll be showing the two projects I was working on, that are not yet complete as I had to practically re-start them from the beginning in the last two weeks, and talking a bit about my process and practice that lead me to animate.

Check out Michael’s blog, (he was much better at keeping his up than I was), and the event on Facebook.!/events/401772229887199/404995489564873/?


Hank, You’re a Heartbreaker

I have terrible, heartbreaking news.

My computer -who I often refer to as Hank- decided to call it quits a few weeks ago, just 10 days before his warranty was up. A case of a corrupt HD, dead battery and optical drive.  And of course -like a dummy- I hadn’t backed up my computer since December 2010. Long story short. I lost all of the digital work I accomplished on my CFAT projects. All that remained, until a week ago, was what little was on this site. Talk about heartbreak.

Yet, I pulled up my socks and over the last week Hank has been restored and I decided to stop being a baby and just start filming from the beginning. It has actually been a blessing in disguise. All of the brainstorming, research and playing has already been done so it’s been  surprisingly quite easy to redo the animations from scratch. I’ve been able to make changes that to the work I couldn’t do before and also added a few things that I previously hadn’t thought of.

At this time, I’m still chugging away. The Sisyphean stair loop animation is at the editing point. The majority of the rotoscoping has been completed. The “vomiting teeth” (title TBD) piece is just being re-shot as we speak. I’m hoping to get all of the animating done before next week.

On another note I will be giving a talk at Dalhousie Gallery about my CFAT res and my work next Thursday, September 13th at 7pm along with Michael McCormack, CFAT’s electronics artist in residence.!/events/456212337743495/






Fridays at CFAT

My work schedule finally was able to permit me to start working on my projects directly at the centre. I’ll be at CFAT on Fridays from 10am – Noon starting today until the end of August.I’m having a great & productive time so far, (And it’s only been 2 HOURS!) While I’m here I will be predominantly working on my “sisyphean” stair animation. (See previous post for images). When I’m not at the centre I’ll be in the studio working on my second project…. 

…on that note, if anyone is REALLY GOOD at making itty bitty tiny teeth… you’re more than welcome to come help me out, or just chill, have a beer and talk about whatever life’s little mysteries & intrigues have kept you up at night. 

Wee late update

It’s been more than a few weeks since my last update, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working! In between my Toronto vacation and my quick trip to North Adams, MA for the Oh, Canada! exhibition, I managed to get a lot of work in. What an overwhelmingly amazing experience! Just the inspiration I needed.

Before my big trips, I was working on both animations simultaneously. I’ve been using CFAT’s new tablet for rotoscoping which has been a real treat. At first I was hoping to rotoscope by just using my iPad, however the APP I wanted to use is now missing the feature of exporting frame by frame. Instead I took the stop motion video with my iPad, exported it to Photoshop and have been rotoscoping through my laptop. The process has been tedious, but satisfying. I have 60 frames completed. There will be over 300 when it is all said and done. Now that I’m used to this new piece of equipment, it shouldn’t be too long now.



At the same time, I’m finishing up the little bits for “community space” animation. Hopefully in the next week it’ll be ready for initial filming, then after effects, and then back to filming.

Enough vacation, time to dive back in.

Two week update

I’ve been working on my CFAT project for a couple of weeks now. The project originally started in summer 2010 but after 6 – 8 months I shelved it because I didn’t know where to go with it. FINALLY I have come back to the project.

I’ve been working on ways to make maneuvering through the set easier with the camera, and making a duplicate set for some effects I’m planning on doing. Here are some pics:


Studio Schedule

I’ll be holding open studio hours Wednesdays 7pm – 9pm, and Saturdays & Sundays 2pm – 5pm. If you’d like to swing by shoot me an email: mdc(at)melaniecolosimo(dot)com or contact CFAT:cfat.communication(at)